Forcing Branches to Bloom Indoors

Magnolia blossom in a clear vase

This article contains affiliate links for advertisers of this site. See disclosure page for more information. Forcing branches to bloom indoors is an elegant way to bring spring indoors before winter has officially lost its grip. Essentially, it’s trimming a few branches from flowering shrubs and trees and bringing them indoors. It’s fascinating to see … Read more

Poinsettia Plant Care Tips

This article contains affiliate links for advertisers of this site. See our disclosure page for more information. Poinsettia plant care is easy with the knowledge of a few helpful tips. These can be quite helpful since Poinsettias are an iconic symbol of the holiday season. Ironically, they are tropical plants, so for those of us … Read more

Easy to Grow Beautiful Fall Blooming Flowers

Easy-to-Grow Fall Flowers

After the heat and humidity of a summer in northeastern Ohio, fall is refreshing. It has become a “second spring” for me and I find that I look forward to fall gardening more than ever. I want to make sure that my landscape is just as vibrant and beautiful in autumn as it is other times of the season. Fall flowers are an important part of my overall landscape. Perennials bring color and texture to the garden year after year, while annuals add a pop of color wherever needed. Here is a list of easy-to-grow beauties that won’t disappoint:

Planting Flowers for Curb Appeal

White new guinea impatiens planted for curb appeal

Nothing can add curb appeal to your home more than a large display of annual flowers. In this project, I am planting 25 white New Guinea Impatiens along a front walk. They will create a vibrant display and give the home stunning curb appeal. See tips on how to create a stunning display at your home and watch a video of the process.

Tips for Buying Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother's Day Flowers Yellow Tulips in Vase

If you are planning on buying your mom cut flowers for Mother’s Day, here are some great tips for selecting the freshest available. Cut flowers sometimes get “bad press” that they die quickly, but I honestly have had very few negative experiences. I find that most retailers keep inventory fresh and the flowers last a week or more. Also below are tips for caring for fresh flowers. Pass them along to your mom so that she can enjoy her Mother’s Day flowers to the fullest.