Fragrant Flowers For Your Deck and Patio

My backyard and patio is my happy place!

There is nothing like the scent of fragrant flowers in the breeze as we relax after a hard day.

My husband and I love to put something on the grill or in the smoker and have family over.

We are definitely home-bodies!

Therefore, I spend a lot of time and thought into the layout and plants that I add.

It truly is an extension of our home from May until October and I want it to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible.



There are a lot of fancy design elements that can be incorporated into an outdoor living space, but one of the most basic is fragrance.

Fragrant flowers can add that extra “something” that makes the space more relaxing.

After all, they were the original diffuser!

When adding flowers to your outdoor living area, I recommend you consider fragrant ones.

They will not only bring beauty, but a heavenly, relaxing scent to your yard.

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