Condo Patio Makeover- Adding Tropicals to Your Patio

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Yesterday I posted the first part of this three-part patio makeover reveal.

If you missed it, click here to catch up!

Here in Ohio, the summers are precious.

We want to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Having an outdoor retreat at your home is possible.

The goal of this series is to show a real-life patio makeover that you can do too!

Privacy Fence Makeover

Today’s reveal is on the right side of my brother and sister-in-law’s patio.

There is a privacy fence that separates their patio from the neighbor’s.

The only existing plants that are going to stay are two peonies that have flower buds for the first time.

Other than that, it was a blank slate.

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The conditions of this area are partly sunny in the morning and shaded from late morning throughout the rest of the day.

One of the design elements I wanted to add was vertical growth to soften the backdrop of the fence.

To continue with the tropical theme, I used two large Majesty Palms.

Container Gardening Palm Tree
Majesty Palms are great on the patio

They make this patio feel like you are in Florida instead of northeastern Ohio!

On either side of each palm, I placed a Prince Tut Dwarf Egyptian Cypress.

These will grow to about four feet.

They have unusual umbrella-shaped poms at the top of each stem which creates interest and texture.

a bag of Organic Potting Mix
Use a potting mix like this that is designed for container plants

And at the back center of the bed, I planted two Caladium.

The variety is Aaron.

They have white and green variegated leaves and will grow to about three feet.

They have long stems so they create an airy, light feel to the garden.


A Tropical Touch

My sister-in-law has two square obelisk trellises that she would like incorporated into the bed.

Each of them is the perfect structure to provide support for a vining white Mandevilla.

Mandevilla vines are tropical and have large trumpet-shaped flowers that have an exotic quality.

They will create an additional vertical element to the garden as well as a touch of paradise!

Garden with Mandevilla vine and New Guinea Impatiens
Obelisk with Mandevilla and New Guinea Impatiens

Lots of Colors for Tropical Vibe

Purple and yellow are two of my sister-in-law’s favorite flower colors so I wanted to make sure these were predominant in this garden.

I planted twelve large purple New Guinea impatiens plants throughout the front half of the bed.

To complement them, I interspersed yellow Reiger begonias.

The color contrast is striking and will become more dramatic as these plants continue to grow.

And finally, I added three vining Lysimachia to grow over the edging and soften the look of the pavers.

Click here to see the makeover, we reveal the patio sitting area with new furniture and new container plants making this condo patio a welcome retreat after a long day!


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