How to Update and Makeover a Small Patio (before and after)

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For most of us, our patios and yards are an extension of our homes.

I enjoy sitting outside in the morning and evening just listening to the sounds of nature.

My brother and sister-in-law are the same.

They recently asked me to do a patio makeover.

Their goal is to use the space more often and be able to relax after a long day of work.

I recently posted the before and after photos of the window box and gardens surrounding the patio.

This is the third post in this series showing the transformation of the sitting area.

Time for a Change

The furniture on this patio was dated and needed to be replaced.

In order to keep with the relaxation theme, I purchased glider chairs that would gently sway.

They are weather resistant so they can stay on the patio year-round.

The dark brown color is a great neutral and allows them to accessorize differently each year.

They were definitely a hit with my brother and sister-in-law!

Tropical Flair

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To continue with a tropical feel, I planted a six-foot Majesty Palm in a container for the back corner of the patio.

This provides a dramatic backdrop for the space and softens the hardscape of the building.

It’s an unexpected surprise when you step outside.

There is a beam that runs across the patio, so it was easy to add some hanging baskets.

I used twelve-inch “s” hooks to hang two Boston Ferns from existing nails.

This made the space cozy and defined the edge.

And finally, I placed a large container of yellow Reiger begonias with Diamond Frost Euphorbia on a plant stand at the edge of the patio.

This was actually a large hanging basket that I converted into a container by simply removing the hangers.

A great tip if you see a hanging basket you love, but don’t have a place to hang it.

Be sure to watch the video below for a tour of the sitting area.

If you have missed part one or part two of this makeover reveal, please check out the amazing before and after photos.

3 thoughts on “How to Update and Makeover a Small Patio (before and after)”

  1. Loved the makeover. Doing it in phases makes it a less daunting of a project. Sometimes I tend to get overwhelmed and need to think about things like just doing it in phases. It turned out looking relaxing and inviting. I am sure they will spend many hours out there enjoying their tropical oasis’s. Maybe a little water fountain for a soothing sound of running water would be nice for Phase 4. (lol)


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