Tips for Buying Mother’s Day Flowers

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If you are buying your mom cut flowers for Mother’s Day, here are some great tips for selecting the freshest available.

Cut flowers sometimes get “bad press” that they die quickly, but I honestly have had very few negative experiences.

I find that most retailers keep inventory fresh and the flowers last a week or more.

Below are tips for caring for fresh flowers.

Pass them along to your mom so that she can enjoy her Mother’s Day flowers to the fullest.



Tips for Selecting Mother’s Day Flowers

  • If buying flowers online, be sure to use a reputable company that has a multitude of positive reviews.
  • If buying at your local florist or retailer, note that the freshest flowers are firm and clean with no discoloration.
  • Trust your eyes- if they look fresh, they probably are!
  • Most retailers put the freshest goods to the back of the shelf, so reach back when picking from the display!
  • Many retailers are adding a sell-by date to sleeves and packaging, so check for the freshest on the shelf.

Tips for Caring For Cut Flowers:

Trimming Stems of Mother's Day Flowers

  • Once home, trim the flower stems at an angle with pruners. This will enable the stem to easily take-up water and extend its life.
  • Most cut flowers come with a floral preservative packet. Follow the instructions and mix in the vase in the water. Change the water every 2-3 days as clean water will prohibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Place flowers in an area that is away from air vents and direct sunlight. These will cause drying and wilting.

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  1. Never knew they needed to be out of direct sunlight, thanks for the great tip.

  2. Fabulous tips! I wish I weren’t so far away from my mom this mother’s day. But maybe my hubby will buy me flowers 😉


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