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Jade Plant Care Guide: Easy Steps to Keep them Beautiful

Jade plants are easy succulents to grow. Learn proper jade plant care and they will reward you as a beautiful indoor plant for many years to come. Read more

ZZ Plant- An Easy-to-Grow Houseplant

Have you heard about all the great benefits of having houseplants- they remove pollutants from the air, add oxygen, reduce stress, but you have no luck keeping them alive at your home or office? Then I have the perfect houseplant! Read more

Peace Lily- Easy-to-Grow Indoors

The Peace Lily is an easy houseplant to grow as they tolerate low light levels. These care tips will help you keep your peace lily healthy and beautiful for years to come. Read more

Easy-to-Grow Succulents & Cacti

What Are Succulents? “Succulent” is a term to describe a plant that holds excess water. Some of the most popular succulents store water in fleshy leaves. Examples include Aloe, cacti, and jade plants. There are thousands of varieties- different colors, leaf shapes growth habits, etc. … Read more