Peonies: Easy to Grow & Beautiful

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If you want elegant simplicity in your landscape, peonies are the plants for you!

These iconic perennials are quintessential in English cottage gardens and can make any yard a touch of heaven.

Their billowy, soft petals and light fragrance also make them a gorgeous cut flower.

Subsequently, they are a favorite for wedding bouquets.

purple peonies in yard
Peonies Growing in My Mom’s Yard for Over 35 Years

Easy to Grow

One may assume that such a beauty would be fussy and challenging to grow.

However, the opposite is true- peonies are quite easy to grow.

They have a few requirements and will rarely disappoint.

In fact, once established, it is quite common for them to grow and bloom for 50 years or more.

My mom planted peonies at least 35 years ago and they are still blooming vibrantly.

Therefore, peonies have a nostalgic aspect to them.

It isn’t uncommon for generations to move these from one home to the next in remembrance of a loved one.


More Reasons Why I Love Peonies

  • There is a myriad of colors (white, pink, red, and yellow), sizes, and bloom styles.
  • Peonies rarely get diseases or pests.
  • They are very cold hardy and will survive in hardiness zones 2-8. 
  • Peonies are approximately 2-4’ high and have rich, dark green foliage. After the blooms are gone, they add structure and texture to the garden.
  • Deer do not like them!

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Growing Tips

  • Peony plants can be purchased either as dormant bare roots or actively growing in a pot. For beginners, I recommend purchasing them when they are actively growing in a container. They can be found online or at your local garden center.
  • One critical component of growing peonies is to make sure that they are not planted too deeply. They have “eyes,” which are really buds from which the stems emerge out of the root structure. The eyes should not be planted more than 2” deep. Therefore, it is generally easier to plant a peony that is growing in a container as you can plant it in your garden at the same depth as the container.
  • Peonies like well-drained soil, so plant in an area that does not have drainage issues.
  • Peonies prefer full sun. They can grow in a partly shady location, but they won’t have as many blooms as those grown in full sun.
  • Peonies can take a couple of years to fully develop. However, once they mature, you will be rewarded for your patience!

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