Deer Resistant Annuals & Perennials for the Midwest

Deer can be one of the most voracious pests in the yard and garden, but they are very picky eaters. Although there aren’t any “deer-proof” plants, there are plants that they will only eat as a last resort when starving. Plants that have scented foliage, textured leaves, thorns or sap in the stem are much less appealing. If you live in an area with a high deer population, the following plants will have a better chance of escaping deer damage.

Peonies: Easy to Grow & Beautiful

Peonies Growing in a Garden

If you want elegant simplicity in your landscape, peonies are the plants for you! These iconic perennials are quintessential in English cottage gardens and can make any yard a touch of heaven. Their billowy, soft petals and light fragrance also make them a gorgeous cut flower. Read more to learn how to enjoy these in your landscape for years to come!

Perennials: A Guide for Beginners

Perennial Red Poppies

Perennials are a category of plants that live from year to year and can survive the winters in northern climates. Perennials are known for their exquisite flowers and/or beautiful foliage making them a must-have for any landscape. Some of my all-time favorite plants are perennials. There is just something different about them when compared to annuals (click here if you need a refresher on annuals). The blooms are more detailed and intricate, the foliage is more rich and striking. And for some, the fragrance is amazing. The obvious advantage of having perennials in your landscape is that you plant them once and they return each spring. I have found that this is definitely a plus as I get older and time and energy become valuable resources! Consequently, you will be seeing more perennials in my yard! Here are some easy-to-grow perennials that will thrive in your landscape.