Mosquito Repellent for Your Yard (that works!)

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My husband Jimmy and I enjoy sitting outside on our patio to relax and enjoy the summer evenings.

However, our enjoyment was always limited as the mosquitoes quickly realized we were there too!

I am particularly a mosquito magnet.

I love summer and being outdoors, but in a short time, I can be covered in large bites.

They linger for days and itch relentlessly.

I often joke that it feels like the mosquitoes are trying to carry me away!

We have tried sprays, candles and other mosquito repellents with little noticeable improvement.

A Mosquito Repellent that Actually Works!

Last year, we purchased a DynaTrap Mosquito and Insect Trap.

It is a device that attracts and traps mosquitoes (also flies, wasps, hornets, stink bugs and moths), but doesn’t have the “zapping” noise.

In addition to using light as an attractant, it releases carbon dioxide to emulate the presence of a human.

This attracts the mosquitoes and lures them into a trap they can’t escape.

This was the first mosquito repellent we have used that allowed us to enjoy our patio to the fullest.

It actually worked!

I can’t say that we never had a mosquito bite, but they were a rare occurrence.

It operates on the premise of trapping the mosquitoes, preventing them from breeding and thus reducing the population in your area.

We operate ours 24 hours a day (as recommended) and it has become the most important part of our summer landscape!

More features of the DynaTrap:

    • Quiet operation, no annoying zapping noise
    • No chemicals are used
    • Odor free
    • Easy to set up
    • A model for smaller yards (half an acre) or larger properties (1 acre)
    • The manufacturer estimates it only costs $0.03 to $0.10 for electricity per 24 hours of operation
    • Can be hung on a shepherd’s hook or freestanding
    • Does not harm honeybees or butterflies
    • Rain-safe
    • Durable construction
    • Traditional, classic design fits any outdoor décor
    • Register your purchase with the manufacturer and receive a refund if you aren’t satisfied after 42 days

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