Container Gardening for an Easy Patio Makeover

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So, how does your patio look?

Wish there were more flowers before you host that summer get-together?

No worries, it isn’t too late to have a beautiful outdoor living space.

One of the easiest ways to beautify a deck or patio is to display and grow plants in containers.

A Container Garden Display

My husband and I live in an older home and quite frankly, container gardening is the best way to create an updated outdoor living space.

In addition, container gardening makes it easy to have healthy, colorful flowers in areas that would otherwise be challenging to plant.

One of my tricks with containers is to put them on plant stands.

I prefer black or green so they blend into the background and allow the containers and flowers to take center stage.

I arrange the plant stands in varying heights to create a floral “display.”

Containers positioned at different levels create interest and depth to the area.

It is a way to “landscape” a patio!

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Container Gardening, Impatiens against red brick, glass block windows
Impatiens on Plant Stands Tucked Between Hosta

I also have many different sized containers.

I add to my collection each year and this season I added several larger styles.

Large cannas are growing in them so they stand over 6’ tall!

They create privacy from our neighbor and help hide their dreaded chain link fence.

I have also positioned one to conceal our air conditioning unit.

Container gardening, Cannas next to red brick house, white garage in background
Container Gardening to Create Privacy on My Patio

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Another trick is to buy your favorite hanging basket, remove the hanger and place it on a plant stand.

It gives you instant color anywhere!

This is especially beautiful for plants like fuchsia that vine or drape.

The plant stand will allow the flowers to cascade creating a waterfall of color.

pink and white impatiens on plant stand against red brick and glass block windows
Impatiens on a Plant Stand

Tips for Successful Container Gardening:

  • Most garden centers sell beautiful containers that are already planted and ready to display.
  • This is a great alternative if you are a beginner gardener or short on time to plant your own.
  • If you plant your own container, use one that is at least 16” wide- the bigger, the better.
  • Use a container that has drainage holes in the bottom so the plants don’t get waterlogged.
  • Containers are available in a myriad of shapes, designs. Create a collection that is a reflection of your personal style!
  • Place containers in an area that is easy for you to water regularly.
  • Use soil that states it is designed for outdoor containers. I don’t recommend using soil from your yard as it will become compacted in the container and hinder root growth.
  • Fertilize regularly. I use a slow release fertilizer when I plant the container and then a water-soluble fertilizer every 7-10 days.
  • Most importantly, water most days! Containers dry out more quickly than soil in the ground, so check each day to make sure the soil isn’t dry. Water liberally and generously as it is hard to over-water in the heat of summer. Note that containers can still be dry after a rain. They don’t get the run-off like plants in the ground. So they still may need to be watered even after a rain shower.

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