Types of Unique and Beautiful Aloe Plants

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Aloe vera is the most popular type of Aloe, but as succulents and indoor plants have become popular, so have all of the many unique Aloe plants.

This is great news for the beginner and avid gardener.

This is because Aloe is one of the easiest plants to grow and retailers are bringing more unique varieties for gardeners to collect and use to decorate their homes!

The varieties below are definitely not your grandma’s Aloe!


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Aloe Plant Quick Care Tips:

  • Allow the top 2-3 inches of soil to dry before watering, but don’t allow the soil to become hard or compacted


  • Overwatering is the number one reason all Aloe plants have health problems


  • Aloe plants prefer bright, indirect light, but some varieties can adapt to lower-light environments


  • Note that these must be grown inside during winter unless you live in zones 8-10 (check your zone here) as frost will kill them!



  • Aloe plants propagate by producing baby plants called “pups.” They can be repotted to grow new plants.


  •  Aloe plants are toxic to cats and dogs, so keep away from curious pets! Click here for plants that are pet-safe.


Types of Aloe Plants

Aloe plant, variety Snowstorm

Snowstorm Aloe (Aloe ‘Snowstorm’)

  • Compact, Height- 6″
  • Bright orange blooms, easy to flower indoors
  • Perfect for desk, windowsill, or other small spaces


Blizzard Aloe (Aloe ‘Blizzard’)

  • Height: 6-8″, Width 4-6″
  • Coral flowers
  • Perfect for desk, windowsill, or other small spaces

Coral Aloe (Aloe striata)

  • Unique leaves are flat and wide, edged in coral
  • Height: 18″, Width 24″
  • Coral-red flowers on tall stalks in early spring

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Christmas Sleigh Aloe (Aloe ‘Christmas Sleigh’)

  • Blue-green leaves with red teeth along the margins and down the center of each leaf
  • Height: 4-5″, Width: 4-5″
  • Ideal specimen plant in a succulent dish garden



Crocodile Plant or Short-Leaf Aloe (Aloe brevifolia)

  • 3″ leaf rosettes grow vertically 8-12″ high
  • Leaves are gray-green and can get a tinge of orange if in the sun
  • Orange-red flowers in late spring


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Pink Blush Aloe (Aloe ‘Pink Blush’)

  • Height: 8-12″, Width 6-8″
  • Beautiful pink leaf edges
  • Orange flowers




Tiger Tooth Aloe (Aloe juvenna)

  • Teeth appear sharp but are soft and flexible
  • Leaves are green with white spots, red edges appear in the bright sun
  • Rosettes grow vertically, stacking to a height of 12″


Orange Marmalade Aloe (Aloe ‘Orange Marmalade’)

  • Orange teeth throughout the center and along leaf edges
  • Height: 6″, Width: 6″
  • Red, yellow, and orange flowers on tall spikes

Aloe plant variety Delta Dawn

Delta Dawn Aloe (Aloe ‘Delta Dawn’)

  • Green leaves with accents of pinkish-coral and white tones
  • Height: 6-8″, Width: 6-8″
  • Compact growth

Aloe plant, variety Donnie

Donnie Aloe (Aloe ‘Donnie’)

  • Dark green leaves speckled with white dots and edged with deep pink to red
  • Height: 4-6″, Width: 4-6″
  • Compact growth

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