How to Take Care of Indoor Plants in Winter

A friend recently asked me to help her diagnose some health problems with her plants and I quickly realized that she didn’t know how to take care of indoor plants in winter. Indoor plants are notoriously difficult to keep alive in winter. One of the keys to having healthy, gorgeous indoor plants is adjusting their … Read more

How to Repot Plants: The Steps and Timing to Repot Indoor Plants

Knowing how to repot a plant is a part of maintaining its overall good health and care. Repotting is a term that is used to describe the process of transferring a plant into a larger pot because it has outgrown its current pot size. In the horticultural industry, this is called “potting-up.” However, repotting is … Read more

Aloe vera Pups: How and When to Separate Aloe vera Plants

 Be sure to watch the video below showing the step-by-step process of repotting Aloe vera pups! One of the easiest and primary ways to propagate an Aloe vera plant is by repotting its pups. Pups are baby plants that form alongside the mother plant. They are offsets of the main plant that develop from horizontal … Read more

How to Propagate Plants: Growing More Houseplants

 This article contains affiliate links for advertisers of this site. See our disclosure page for more information. Learning how to propagate plants is perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of indoor gardening. Generally, once a gardener has mastered a plant’s care, plant propagation is the next step in the gardening journey. For some of us, propagating … Read more

Mangave: New, Unique, Easy-Care Plants

Mangave 'Bad Hair Day' Planted in a gnome planter as the hair

If you are always on the look-out for new, unique and interesting plants, then Mangave plants are for you! These are a relatively new group of plants that were recently “discovered” that is taking the plant world by storm. A Mangave is a cross between an Agave and Manfreda plant. It is very unlikely that … Read more

Types of Unique and Beautiful Aloe Plants

Tiger Tooth Aloe Plant

This article contains affiliate links for advertisers of this site. See our disclosure page for more information. Aloe vera is the most popular type of Aloe, but as succulents and indoor plants have become popular, so have all of the many unique Aloe plants. This is great news for the beginner and avid gardener. This … Read more

Echeveria Care: How to Keep Them Beautiful and Healthy

So you couldn’t resist. It was so beautiful. I know- they are gorgeous! They look so good, they don’t even look real. You promised not to bring any more home! You bought one anyway. I get it. Me too! It’s hard not to. They are addictive. Just when you thought you had them all…a new … Read more