Fresh Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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Some people think Valentine’s Day is a consumerism holiday designed by the card, candy and other industries to guilt couples into buying gifts for each other every February 14th.

It may be, but it doesn’t matter to me.

I appreciate the opportunity to receive fresh flowers from my husband whenever I can- especially in mid-February in northeastern Ohio.

We are still in the throes of winter and I need reassurance that spring will arrive.

Fresh flowers bring energy and life to a room and if they happen to have a scent, all the better.

Flowers sometimes get “bad press” that they will die quickly.

I honestly have had very few bad experiences.

I find that most brick and mortar and online retailers keep inventory fresh and the flowers last a week or more.

Below are some tips for buying and caring for fresh flowers.

Pass them along to your hubby, but if you don’t have a special someone in your life, please buy some for yourself.

I regret the many years I was single and didn’t buy myself flowers regularly.



Tips For Buying Fresh Flowers

  • The freshest flowers are firm and clean with no discoloration.


  • Many retailers are adding a sell-by date to sleeves and packaging, so check for the freshest on the shelf.


  • Trust your eyes- if they look fresh, they are!


  • If buying flowers online, be sure to use a reputable company that has a multitude of positive reviews.


Cutting Rose stems at an angle before putting into a Vase

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Tips For Making Fresh Flowers Last Longer

  • At home, use sharp pruners to trim the flower stems at an angle. This will enable the stem to easily take-up water and thus extend its life.


  • Remove any lover leaves that are submerged in water. They will rot and add bacteria to the water.


  • Most flowers come with a floral preservative packet. Follow the instructions and mix with water in the vase. Repeat every 2-3 days as clean, fresh water will prohibit the growth of bacteria.


  • Place flowers in an area away from vents and direct sunlight. These will cause drying and wilting.

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