Free Online Gardening Resources

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Thank goodness for the internet- there are so many free online gardening resources!

Although I prefer to be outside in my garden, there is such value in taking time to learn and be inspired online. There are so many resources to explore!

I still use my books from college as a resource, but it is amazing the amount of information that is available on my phone.

From the technical details of growing specific crops to just connecting with other gardeners, it is all there!

I wanted to share some of my favorite FREE, trusted online gardening resources with you. These websites give reliable information and will inspire you to garden.


Want to get your plants looking as good as the day you bought them?



Free Online Gardening Resources

Home Gardening Guide from Cornell University (my Alma Mater!) Flower & Vegetable Gardening Guides as well as how to design a flower garden

National Gardening Association: An online learning library, plant database, gardening calculators, calendars, and apps!

The Herb Society of America: All you could ever want to know about herbs!

Ohio State University Extension: Tip sheets for home, yard, and garden. Information for horticulture, canning, insects, home safety and so much more!

University of Illinois Extension Watch Your Garden Grow: Great resources for vegetable gardening, gardening with kids, urban gardens, and nutrition and health


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USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map: Enter your zip code to see which U.S. plant hardiness zone you live in. This is great to know when buying plants from catalogs and magazines so you know the plants will survive winters in your yard!

Cooperative Extension Services– Find your local cooperative extension office for specialized gardening information for your location

The Arbor Day Foundation: Tree identification, planting, and care

National Garden Clubs: Connect with other gardeners in your hometown


Other Societies for Specialized Plant Information:

The African Violet Society of America

The American Conifer Society

The American Daffodil Society

The American Dahlia Society

The American Daylily Society

The American Fern Society

The American Hosta Society

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The American Orchid Society

The American Rhododendron Society

The American Rose Society

Azalea Society of America

International Palm Society

International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society

American Camellia Society

Holly Society of America

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  1. Shannon, thank you so much for the wonderful gardening resources that you provided. What a wealth of information!

  2. Hi Shannon! Your blog is very nice. Thank you for sharing some of the free online gardening resources. With the help of your tips we can learn online gardening. Thanks and keep posting.

  3. Hi Shannon! Thank you for sharing some of the free online gardening resource with us. It gives reliable information about the flowers and vegetable gardening. Keep posting!


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