Rosebud Azalea- A Low Maintenance Shrub

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The Rosebud Azalea is a unique flowering shrub that only grows to a height and spread of 2-3’.

This is a unique characteristic as even small shrubs generally grow much larger than this.

Rosebud Azaleas also grow relatively slowly and therefore, rarely need to be pruned.

This low-maintenance shrub is a great choice for small yards, condos or even planted in front of larger shrubs (rhododendron and hydrangea are great companion plants).

Like most all azaleas, they are ideal for the north or east side of a home where there is part shade throughout the day.

Another unique trait of a Rosebud Azalea is its flower.

As the name implies, they resemble the buds of a rose.

The flowers are 1-2” in diameter with showy petals that cover the branches.

The bright pink color is striking and will add vibrancy to any landscape.

Easy-to-Grow & Low Maintenance

Rosebud Azaleas are easy to grow.

In addition to shade, they prefer a slightly acidic soil, so using a fertilizer designed specifically for azaleas is recommended.

Azaleas prefer a moist soil, so once the plant is established, it will need to be watered when rain is scarce.

A thin layer (1-2”) of hardwood mulch on top of the soil will help retain moisture.

Watch the video to see a Rosebud Azalea blooming in northeast Ohio!

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  1. I am looking for a rhododendron or azalea for a zone 3 garden can you help me out?


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