Plant Care for Houseplants

Are you ready to have plants that look good enough to post on social media?

Would you like your plants to keep looking as good as the day you bought them?

Hi! I’m Shannon and I’m a horticulturist.

I love plants and I’ve been gardening since I was a little kid.

My passion is to make plant care easy and fun!

Everyone should enjoy gorgeous, healthy plants.

As you can imagine, all my friends and family ask me “How do I take care of this plant and that one!”

Some of my friends would comment that they bought a plant and the tag had virtually no care information or the plant’s name on it!

How were they supposed to know how to take care of it?

It certainly wasn’t their fault.

So, over time, I got good at teaching people how to care for their plants in a way that was easy to understand without all the technical terms.

I wanted to keep it simple and uncomplicated so my friends wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

I would even give them recommendations as to which plants to buy- easy ones to care for and the ones that do better in low light etc.

Finally, someone said, “Could you write that down for me?”

After a while, it seemed that there was just a bit too much to jot down on a piece of scratch paper and I wanted to have some pictures to go along with my notes.

That’s how  The Ultimate Indoor Plant Guide  developed and now all of that information can be shared with everyone!




Houseplants bring so much joy into our lives why make it complicated and boring?

The goal of The Ultimate Indoor Plant Guide is to provide easy-to-understand, accurate plant care so you can grow the most beautiful, healthy plants ever.

It will transform the way you think about houseplant care.

You will finally have that indoor jungle you have always wanted.



If you are tired of growing so-so plants or buying plants that just die, then this is your solution.

Life is complicated but houseplant care doesn’t have to be.

The Ultimate Indoor Plant Guide is written to make houseplant care easy and fun!

When you receive your copy you will know exactly what your plants need and want instead of wondering if you are doing the right thing!

You will feel completely confident in your plant parenting skills for less than the cost of one plant!

You will have a reliable resource at your fingertips rather than searching the internet for answers to your plant care questions!

Your paperback book will have full-color photos with easy-to-understand care instructions for over 75 of the most popular indoor plants!

It includes my easy, simple 3-step process for growing healthy, gorgeous plants that look like the ones you see on social media!

What you will learn:

  • Finally, understand how to properly care for plants so that they receive what they need when they need it!
  • How to know the difference between low, medium, and high light conditions and how to determine what you have!
  • Hard-to-kill plants for challenging environments.
  • Non-toxic plants, safe for cats and dogs.
  • The best houseplants for low, medium, and high light conditions.
  • The best indoor plants for beginners, intermediate, and advanced plant parents.
  • How to care for succulents differently than tropicals.

Ready to start growing gorgeous plants? We can help you!

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