How to Make an Evergreen Centerpiece Last All Season

The scent of fresh evergreens is synonymous with Christmas.

It contributes to the “homey” feel that we all strive for during the holidays.

A centerpiece made of fresh greens is an easy way to bring the smell of Christmas to our living area.

One of the biggest concerns consumers ask is “Will I kill it before Christmas?”

Follow these simple tips and an evergreen centerpiece can last well into the New Year!

How to Make An Evergreen Centerpiece Last All Season

  • Buy from a reputable florist or garden center that makes the centerpieces fresh to order.


  • The greens are secured in a foam cube that holds water. Add about a half cup of water to the top of the foam every 3-4 days. This will keep the greens moist, cool and fresh.


  • Place the centerpiece in a location away from any direct heat sources, air drafts, and direct sunlight. This prevents the needles from drying out.


  • If the centerpiece has candles, keep the flame a minimum of 4” above the greens to prevent the heat from drying out the needles.


  • It is normal for a few needles to drop, so don’t worry if you see a few!

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