How to Make a Fall Window Box

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This spring my husband Jimmy added window boxes under the windows of our garage.

They face our patio so it was a nice way to add flowers and color to our outdoor living space.

It is a shady location so I planted them with impatiens and begonias and they looked amazing!

Click here to see the video we made this spring.

I had the intention of updating the plants in the fall, but I thought “they are so beautiful, how could I possibly pull them out?”

Window Box with Flowers against white garage
Photo of our window box early this summer

Well, a mamma doe came through our yard and decided that the plants in the window box were delicious!

She ate them down to nubs!

So, I became ready to update the plantings and spray deer repellent!




Step 1- Removing Plants

Use a trowel to cut around the roots of the plants you want to remove and they will be easy to pull out.

Gently shake the plants to remove some of the soil and return it back to the window box.

Remove any dead leaves or debris

If you need to add more soil, use a potting mix that is designed specifically for container gardening.

Note that if there are some plants that are still doing well, feel free to keep them.

The spikes and vinca vine in my window boxes were healthy and undisturbed by the deer, so I kept them.

They actually were a great framework for the new flowers.

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Step 2- Add Fall-Blooming Plants

Mums are definitely a mainstay for fall gardening.

They are available in a myriad of colors, flower shapes and styles.

Click here for an article about how to care for mums.

I planted five yellow mums toward the back of my window box.

Ornamental kale is another popular fall plant that never disappoints.

I placed one in the center of the window box as this will be a showy centerpiece.

Pansies grow well in cooler temperatures so I interspersed them as a filler plant.

Be sure to watch the video to see planting tips!

Step 3- Decorate with Fall Accessories

This is the fun step!

There are so many options to add fall touches to a window box.

I added three real mini pumpkins.

They fit nicely tucked in between the plants.

Grocery stores and local farmer markets are full of great ideas- gourds, squash, Indian corn, mini straw bales, apples, etc.

And craft stores have floral picks with leaves, acorns, scarecrows as well as artificial pumpkins.

The options are only limited to your imagination!

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Whether you have a window box or not, the principles of this project can be applied to any container, hanging basket or even a flower bed in the ground.

It is so easy to take a few supplies and create a beautiful fall display to make your home inviting and welcoming to guests this autumn.


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