Galanthus: February’s First Sign of Spring

Northeastern Ohio was blessed with a 72-degree February day this week.

My husband Jimmy and I are avid walkers, so we took the opportunity to get out in the neighborhood and stretch our legs.

Among all the brown grass and salt-stained sidewalks, we saw a lone Snowdrop (also called Galanthus) plant that had not only emerged from the ground but was in full bloom!

Galanthus are hardy bulbs. Like tulips and daffodils, plant Galanthus bulbs in fall.

Leaves and blooms emerge in February-March.

They are amazing plants as grow and bloom through snow and cold.

Galanthus are easy to grow and are not fussy.

I am inspired to plant these next to my front steps next fall so that I can see them daily and appreciate the reminder they bring – spring is coming!



Quick Tips for Growing Snowdrops (Galanthus)

  • Plant in fall, 4” deep, 3-4” apart
  • Will bloom year after year in Ohio and zones 3-8 (not sure what that means, click here)
  • Height is 5”-8”
  • Plant bulbs in an area where they can be seen and enjoyed in February-March

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