Easter Lily

Show anyone a white lily and they will know it’s a symbol of Easter.

It isn’t uncommon that plants become associated with holidays- poinsettias at Christmas and clover at St. Patrick’s Day.

And there is always an interesting history behind the symbolism.

Lilium longiflorum (Easter lily) is no exception.

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Easter Lilies- A Symbol of Love

Before Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, he prayed to the Father to prepare him for the crucifixion.

The Bible states that Jesus sweat great drops of blood while praying.

Legend states that white lilies grew from these drops of blood.

Therefore, the Easter lily is a symbol of beauty and victory that emerged from what appeared to be betrayal and defeat.

Each aspect of the plant has symbolism in the Easter story.

For instance, the white petals represent the purity and right standing Christians have with God.

Jesus’ death on the cross provides a Christian a path for complete forgiveness for sins.

Trumpet-shaped flowers joyfully and boldly announce the Easter resurrection message- He has risen!

Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after the crucifixion.

This fulfilled scriptural prophesy confirming he is the Messiah.

This prepared a way for Christians to have eternal life in heaven.

Each flower’s sweet fragrance is a reminder of paradise that awaits Christians.

Heaven: a place of no tears, no pain and unimaginable love!

It is no wonder that Christians decorate their homes and churches in celebration of this glorious day!

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